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Becky, I'm very much interested in this therapy and hope you will post on
your progress occasionally.

Best of luck with it.


Dr. Karen


I so excited that someone is thinking of tracing their experiences with neurofeedback as they go! I came across this posting and am hoping you will update it as you experience neurofeedback.

I am a psychologist who provides neurofeedback (a different style - I describe the differences on my web site) and I wish there were more people blogging on what it is (or even not) doing for them.

More! More! ;-)

Dr. Karen

Website: http://www.BrainandHealth.com
Blog: http://Neurofeedback.blogharbor.com/blog



You might be interested to know that biofeedback has been used quite successfully for TMJ too. It is really amazing. Thank you for your posts and keep up the good work.

Calvin Klein

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