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Betsy...I LOVE the wreath (and your wallpaper too!). Thanks for posting the instructions. Now where, oh where, will I get all those corks? :)

Mary Zink

The wreath you made is absolutely gorgeous. So can you tell me where I can find the artificial grapevine? Does it have wire inside so it will keep its form?

Thanks for any information.

cynthia korzekwa

I love to drink wine and have a vast collection of corks...now I know what to do with them!


prettiest one I've seen so far- thanks for sharing

Jocelyn Wieser

How many corks did you have to save for this project. This is exactly what I want to do!

Vikki Slavik

This is the best cork wreath I've seen! You did an amazing job!

kathleen graham

I work at a winery, I love your wine cork wreaths. We have lots of cork any one need some just email me. I will see how much t will cost for me o ship them. [email protected]

kathleen graham

I work at a winery, I love your wine cork wreaths. We have lots of cork any one need some just email me. I will see how much t will cost for me o ship them. [email protected]


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Barbara Freeman

This is a beautiful wreath and I plan to make on. Thank you for sharing your idea and it is absolutley the prettest grapevine wreath i have seen.. Thank you


I have been saving corks for a long time and planned on making a wreath with them.
The one that I liked is in a liquor store in Colorado. So I looked online to find something similar, and there was nothing close to it.
Then I found yours; it is the prettiest one I have ever seen!
THANK YOU, for posting the instructions!
In case anyone is interested.... wine corks are also available online, (and from the nice lady who works at the winery). I have a grapevine EXACTLY like the one in the picture. I bought it at a Michaels craft store.
Happy wreath making!!!!!


We just finished our basement & I wanted to hang some "wine" prints on the wall. I started to google & then I thought maybe I'd make a wreath out of wine corks (I have QUITE a collection--how can you throw something so precious & extinct out!) I was absolutely delighted when the instructions & picture of your lovely wreath appeared on my screen! It was beautiful & much nicer than what I was looking for--you have inspired me! Thank you so much for sharing your craft!


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You can be lucky!!!



Thanks so much for the picture and detailed instructions! I just completed mine last night, it looks pretty good but it sure was a lot of work! I think I used about 275 wine corks (it was a pretty big wreath). Thanks for sharing!

Cassie Jebber

I just stumbled across your blog and your amazing cork wreath. If ever you choose to make another and sell it, Please Please, Please email me! The most beautiful one I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing

Jordan 1

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Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.


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