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Daer Betsy, Have for the first time been to Ordinary Days, happening to see it on your other blog listed :-)
Your words there touched me deeply. I too have an angel with a broken wing in my garden and evertime I look at her she reminds me of myself and makes me smile. At times i might feel one-winged friend, but I would lend the one wing I have to any friend or loved one in need.
I also have one clay wing which I found in the earth when digging up an Iris at my mom's house. A small wing and probably from an angel that sat in her garden many a year ago. That wing rest quietly in a clay pot of Rosemary, for remembrance.


Betsy, I am thrilled that you have not one, but two, blogs currently. I have always loved reading your posts on CJ and I am so happy that I have the ability to read about your life and the beautiful area in which you live on a regular basis.

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